Press Call to Discuss Justice Department’s Mortgage Settlements

WASHINGTON – Cause of Action (CoA) Institute has led efforts to investigate the settlements between the Justice department and big banks over their allegedly faulty mortgage practices. Last year, CoA Institute issued multiple public records requests aimed at exploring whether DoJ has the legal authority to enter into these settlements […]

Selected FDIC Communications on Operation Choke Point

Below are two selected documents from the most recent OGR report on FDIC’s involvement in Operation Choke Point. August 2013 email between FDIC officials regarding state regulation of an industry targeted by Operation Choke Point: November 2012 email from Thomas Dujenski, (FDIC Regional Director, Atlanta), to Mark Pearce, (Director, FDIC […]

Related Documents: IRS Oversight

Proposed Rulemaking FOIA Request and Lawsuit First Amended Complaint (February 20, 2014) First Amended Complaint Exhibits IRS Complaint (February 5, 2013) Lawsuit concerning proposed rulemaking Exhibits FOIA Request to IRS regarding communications with outside groups regarding the Notice of Proposed Rule Making IRS FOIA Request (December 24, 2013) Comment on IRS’s Guidance for […]

Related Documents: Operation Choke Point

United States District Court for the District of Columbia Community Financial Services Association of America v. FDIC Amicus Brief written for the LIBRE Initiative (September 27, 2014) Other Resources U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Involvement in “Operation Choke Point” (December 8, 2014)  The […]

FBI Arms Export Control Act FOIA Documents

February 27, 2014 Production  Section 1 1181969-0 – FBI’s Arms Export Control Act Box 1 – Section 1 Serial 1_Part1 1181969-0 – FBI’s Arms Export Control Act Box 1 – Section 1 Serial 1_Part2 1181969-0 – FBI’s Arms Export Control Act Box 1 – Section 1 Serial 1_Part3 1181969-0 – […]

IRS Complaint Against AARP for Excessive Lobbying

Letter to the IRS  2012 11 29 Letter to IRS re AARP, Inc. IRS Responses 2013 1 10 IRS Response AARP, Inc 2013-1-16 IRS Response, AARP, Inc.

FOIA Request and Documents on “Operation in our Sites”

2011-9-2 ICE FOIA Request-Website Seizures Document Productions r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part1 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part2 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part3 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part4 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part5 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part6 r_11-14418 Item 1 REDACTED_Part7 2011-11-17 ICE – Seized websites list DoJ-Response-to-Wyden-OIOS-1[1] 11-14418 Item 11 REDACTED