CoA Institute Urges Removal of Anti-Transparency Provisions in Senate Bill

On August 16, 2017, Cause of Action Institute (“CoA Institute”) joined other government transparency advocates in sending a letter to Senator John Cornyn objecting to the inclusion of provisions that exempt the implementation of the Building America’s Trust Act[1] (“the Act”) from the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (“APA”) […]

Group Tied to Progressive PAC Solicits Donations in Misleading Call for Hurricane Harvey Relief

On Wednesday, Linda Sarsour, a controversial political activist, tweeted an appeal to her followers asking that they donate to an ostensibly noble cause—the Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund. Unfortunately, this seemingly benevolent appeal is anything but.  Ms. Sarsour actually linked to a page that accepts donations for a fund called […]

Appeals Court Rebuffs EPA Attempt to Expand Its Regulatory Power

In a clear win for separation of powers and limited agency discretion, the D.C. Court of Appeals today ruled in favor of a company that challenged an EPA regulatory action issued in 2015 to require industry to replace its use of hydrofluorocarbons (“HFCs”). The Court found that “the fundamental problem […]

Wednesday Waste: Federal Subsidies Prop Up Corporate Executives at Taxpayers’ Expense

The federal government doesn’t just provide welfare to struggling families. On the contrary, it also gives huge sums of money to some of the biggest and wealthiest businesses in the world, amounting to about $100 billion per year. Corporate subsidies, or “corporate welfare” to its opponents, are supposedly designed to […]

Consumer Product Safety Commission Revises FOIA Rule in Response to CoA Institute Comments

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) finalized a rule today implementing new Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) regulations. The agency incorporated important revisions proposed by Cause of Action Institute (“CoA Institute”) in a comment submitted to the agency in in January 2017. CoA Institute urged the CPSC to remove outdated […]

Documents Reveal Special Interest Groups Lobbied HUD for Mortgage Settlement Funds

Groups committed to “revolutionary social change” sent proposals, met with high-level HUD officials The Obama-era appears to have been a flush time for a number of favored special interest groups seeking hand-outs. It now appears that the previous administration’s pattern and practice of circumventing the congressional appropriations process to funnel […]

It’s Time to End Ex-Im Bank’s Taxpayer Subsidized Corporate Welfare

When the federal government subsidizes a private company, we all lose. Such subsidies, often referred to as “corporate welfare” by critics, tend to benefit big companies, while stifling innovation and making it more difficult for smaller companies to compete. The Export-Import Bank (“Ex-Im Bank”) is perhaps the highest profile example […]