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CoA Institute Moves for Summary Judgment in TABOR Case Challenging Hospital Tax

Colorado law requires a vote of the people before the state can raise taxes, but the state has used a hospital tax to circumvent the law for years.

Follow the Coverage: TABOR Foundation v. Colorado Dep’t of Health Care Policy & Financing

See Recent Court Filings Updates: CoA Institute Moves for Summary Judgment in TABOR Case Challenging Hospital Tax, CoA Institute Blog, July 17, 2018 Your TABOR Foundation is suing the State of Colorado, The TABOR Foundation, June 12, 2018   In The News: Bed tax law suit gets new life, Sherrie […]

EPA Chief of Staff describes agency’s sensitive review process for “politically charged” FOIA requests

We remain committed to exposing sensitive review & combating all FOIA politicization.

Department of the Army Refuses to Search Its Servers for Email Records

In May 2016, Cause of Action Institute (“CoA Institute”) sued the Department of the Army after it refused to produce records under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) concerning the use of teleconference technology at the White House.  CoA Institute’s FOIA request, which was filed in June 2015, followed the […]

Zen Magnets Wins, but Decision Does Little to Protect Against Regulatory Overreach

The experience of entrepreneurs like Zucker and Qu serve as a stark reminder of the cost of fighting the federal government

District Court Enjoins Cigar Labeling Requirements Pending Appeal

Judge temporarily enjoins FDA from enforcing onerous cigar labeling regulations pending appeal.

OMB Confirms Agencies Required to Disclose Earmarks, Declines to Enforce

The White House Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) has confirmed that all executive branch agencies are required to disclose attempts by congressional and other outside force to influence the merit-based decision-making process for federal spending.  These efforts to earmark federal spending must be disclosed on agency websites within thirty […]