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Weekly Rundown 7-30-2015

Read the top stories that you need to know from this week in our Weekly Rundown.

Federal Judge Issues Landmark Ruling on Cronyism in Energy Loan Guarantee Program

A federal judge has declared that U.S. Department of Energy discretionary spending tainted by alleged cronyism and political favoritism is subject to legal challenge.

Cause of Action Lawsuit Challenges Legality of Hillary Clinton’s Email Practices

Cause of Action sues Secretary of State John Kerry and the National Archivist for failing to preserve former Secretary Clinton’s electronic records

Politico – New lawsuit tests Hillary Clinton’s claim private email system was legal

CoA filed a lawsuit against current Sec of State John Kerry and Nat Archives chief David Ferriero, seeking to force them to recover Clinton’s emails

Bloomberg – Hillary Clinton E-Mail Must Be Moved to Archives, Group Says in Suit

Cause of Action asked a judge in Washington to rule the presidential contender broke the Federal Records Act.

Investors Business Daily – Obama DOJ Channels Bank Shakedown Money To Private Groups

The Department of Justice’s war against the financial industry shows no sign of ending.

New York Post – Obama’s pet watchdog left veterans out in the cold

Driven out by whistleblowers, Acting Inspector General of the Veterans Administration Richard Griffin finally resigned last week.