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Just a day after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that she violated no law in storing tens of thousands of work-related emails on a private server, a watchdog organization is putting that claim to the legal test in court.  D.C.-based Cause of Action filed a lawsuit Wednesday against current Secretary of State John Kerry and National Archives chief David Ferriero, seeking to force them to recover Clinton’s emails and ensure they are placed in government hands. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, also asks a judge to issue a legal finding that Clinton illegally removed federal records from government control when she stored them on a private server.  “Fundamentally, when you’re head of a Cabinet agency, the Federal Records Act requires you to have an enormous amount of duties in terms of preserving records. Clearly, former Secretary of State Clinton did not exercise those duties diligently,” Cause of Action executive director Dan Epstein said in an interview. “What concerns us is the signal is sent when somebody with that much power blatantly ignores the law.”  In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Clinton repeatedly insisted that her decision to use a personal email account and private server as her sole email account as secretary of state did not break any law or government rules.