Cause of Action in the News:

Wall Street JournalForcing Hillary’s Emails Into the Open (Why we’re suing to make the government do what it seems disinclined to do: get to the bottom of this murky matter.)

Dan Epstein, executive director of Cause of Action, wrote in the Wall Street Journal to better explain what we are trying to achieve in our suit for the turnover of Hillary Clinton’s emails. He describes how our approach is different and how we continue to strive for accountability for those in government. We feel that it is important that the government unravels this “murky matter” and be honest with the American people.

Daily Caller – Non-Profit Watchdog Wants Probe Of Biggest Tax-Return Leak Ever

Cause of Action continues to stand up for the American people and protect against the government’s abuse of taxpayer information. We have challenged the Treasury and Justice Departments to investigate the handover of more than one million pages of confidential tax information that should not have been released.

In other news:

PoliticoReport: Criminal probe urged over Clinton email use at State

The Justice Department has received evidence from at least one inspector general regarding the emails that Hillary Clinton sent as Secretary of State from a private server. This new information may eventually lead to a criminal investigation in Clinton’s actions.

Washington PostOPM to federal agencies: We got hacked, but you have to help pay for the response

After the Office of Personnel Management failed to protect the personal information of millions of employees (including contractors and military personnel) they have demanded that other government agencies donate to the cleanup. In addition agencies have been asked to pay for the monitoring and protection offered to those effected by the breach.

The HillCruz calls for abolishing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Senator Ted Cruz says that the agency is not checked as it grows in influence. Many businesses are burdened by the additional regulations imposed on them by the CFPB, causing them to focus on meeting regulatory requirements instead of their customers. Senator Cruz says that the only way to stop this abuse of power is to totally dispose of the CFPB.

Fox NewsEPA ‘secret science’ under the microscope as GOP lawmakers seek ban

The Environmental Protection Agency bases many of its regulations on studies that they have actively kept from the American people. The agency, while claiming to support transparency, claim that there are many issues that get in the way of releasing the data of the studies. This unknown data is what has led to the most costly regulations imposed by the EPA. New legislation would require that all pertinent research be available to the public when certain rules are delivered. The opposition claims that this legislation would hinder the ability of the EPA.