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FTC Proceedings Against LabMD Stalled by Congressional Investigation

Congress launched an investigation into Tiversa and their dealings with federal agencies including the FTC which threw a wrench into the FTC’s administrative proceedings against LabMD today.

Bloomberg BNA: Groups Push Obama Executive Order To Halt IRS Proposed Section 501(c)(4) Rules

An excerpt from a May 2, 2014 Bloomberg BNA story: Cause of Action, a conservative government accountability group, is asking the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs to force the Internal Revenue Service to declare that its proposed rule on limiting the political activities of Section 501(c)(4) organizations is “a […]

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Medical lab battles feds over privacy

Read the full story: Atlanta Journal Constitution Daugherty said he has spent more than a half-million dollars on the case so far. He’s had help from Cause of Action, a nonprofit group that said it got involved to help a small business with limited resources fight back against unfair regulation.   “I […]

Warren’s Washington Internet Daily: FTC Testimony in Data Security Case to Address Standards, May Affect Hill Debate, Say Observers

Read the full story: Warren’s Washington Internet Daily Despite the multiple dismissals, LabMD will continue its legal battle outside the ALJ process, Rubinstein told us. Federal judges have been receptive to LabMD’s argument, he said. Judge William Duffey, presiding over the May 7 hearing in Atlanta, repeatedly berated the FTC’s […]

Cause of Action: “Court Must Hold Chicago Transit Accountable for Fraud”

Chicago Transit Authority engaged in a potentially years-long fraud, fleecing the American taxpayer.

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United States District Court for the North District of Illinois Eastern Division Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss (May 22, 2014) Exhibit 1 Defendant CTA’s Motion to Dismiss (March 13, 2014) Defendant CTA’s Memorandum of Law ISO Motion to Dismiss Complaint for Damages, Injunctive Relief, and […]

Dan Epstein on the Lars Larson Show 5/20/2014

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein talks with Lars Larson about how the CPSC’s actions regarding Craig Zucker.