Press Call to Discuss Justice Department’s Mortgage Settlements

WASHINGTON – Cause of Action (CoA) Institute has led efforts to investigate the settlements between the Justice department and big banks over their allegedly faulty mortgage practices. Last year, CoA Institute issued multiple public records requests aimed at exploring whether DoJ has the legal authority to enter into these settlements […]

Dan Epstein on the Lars Larson Show 11/21/2014

Federalist Society Teleforum: Redressing Politicized Spending

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein discusses politicized spending by the Executive Branch during a September 10, 2014 Federalist Society Teleforum. Read more about the phenomenon of Executive Branch earmarks and the transparency problems that persist at

Dan Epstein on The Federal Drive with Tom Temin 8/25/2014

Listen to the interview here.

CoA Media Call on Legal and Political Issues Raised by the Loss of Emails at the IRS

Cause of Action hosted a media call to discuss the legal and political issues raised by the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) records retention policy and practices in relation to the lost emails of Lois Lerner, former Director of the IRS’s Exemption Organizations unit.

Dan Epstein on the Peter Schiff Show 6/25/2014

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein talks with Peter Schiff about the IRS targeting scandal.  

Dan Epstein on the Lars Larson Show 5/20/2014

Cause of Action’s Dan Epstein talks with Lars Larson about how the CPSC’s actions regarding Craig Zucker.