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May 30, 2014                                                    

FTC Proceedings Against LabMD Stalled by Congressional Investigation

Tiversa Employee Indicated he Would Take the 5th, House Oversight Committee Investigates Tiversa Dealings with FTC

Congress launched an investigation into Tiversa and their dealings with federal agencies including the FTC which threw a wrench into the FTC’s administrative proceedings against LabMD today.

“An investigation by the House Oversight committee will hopefully bring the accountability and transparency that we have yet to see from the FTC. We will now wait to see what Congress is able to uncover,” said Reed Rubinstein, of Cause of Action.

The investigation was brought to light in FTC proceedings today, which prompted former Tiversa employee and potential trial witness Rick Wallace to indicate his intention to take the 5th, through his attorney.

Tiversa CEO Robert Boback’s attorney asked for more time before his client would testify.

Judge Chappell granted a recess until June 12.


The unofficial transcript from today’s proceedings:

Disclaimer: This is a draft and subject to change and revision by the court – it is not the final transcript.

FTC v. LabMD May 30, 2014 Unofficial Trial Transcript by CauseOfAction