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Letter to the Texas Attorney General Letter (November 13, 2013) IRS Complaints Against Enroll America For Violating the Internal Revenue Code Complaint (November 22, 2013) IRS Reply (August 5, 2013 ) Complaint (July 29, 2013) Liability Alert Letters re: PPACA The liability alert letter to the General Counsel of Covered California is here. Cause of […]

Washington Post: GreenTech fits pattern of investment that has made big profits for Terry McAuliffe

Read the full story: Washington Post A section dedicated to GreenTech’s public relations efforts cites only one specific initiative: McAuliffe’s past promotion of electric vehicles on “national television news programs.”   Dated March 12, the previously undisclosed prospectus, provided to The Washington Post by the nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action, […]

Washington Post cites our GreenTech Report

GreenTech fits pattern of investment that has made big profits for Terry McAuliffe By Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten, Published: September 21 The pitches to potential investors in a new electric-car company have been unabashed about its promise: It will enjoy “billions” in government subsidies and tax credits, will rise to a dominant position in […]

Cause of Action Report Exposes GreenTech Automotive’s Abuse of Political Influence

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REPORT: GreenTech Automotive: A Venture Capitalized by Cronyism

Executive Summary “It seemed like a win for everyone involved when a startup car company, backed by political heavyweights, wooed investors with plans to build a massive auto plant in the Mississippi Delta, hire thousands of people and pump out a brand new line of fuel-efficient vehicles…But today, the company […]

LabMD Responds to FTC Complaint: Agency Has No Section 5 Enforcement Jurisdiction

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Cancer Detection Business Strikes Back Against Federal Trade Commission’s Arbitrary Enforcement

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