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National Mediation Board


Office of Governmental Ethics

FOIA Request: Ethics Waivers and Hatch Act Concerns (09/28/2011 )


2011-11-2 OGE – FOIA Request Granted letter

Production 1

Production 2

Executive Order Guidance, Ethics Pledge Compliance

2009-12-10 OGE – Memo re Reminder about Holiday Gifts and Fundraising

2010-12-7 OGE – Memo re Limited Waiver of Paragraph 2 of the Ethics Pledge

2011-9-7 OGE – Ethics issues re an employee running for or holding local nonpartisan elected office

2011-10-13 OGE – Definitions sheet

2009-1-15 OGE – Memo re Presidential Inaugural Events

2009-3-23 OGE – Certification of Public Interest Waiver for Margot Rogers

2009-4-28 OGE – Certification of Public Interest Waiver for James H. Shelton III

2011-11-2 OGE-Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

2009-5-18 OGE – Certification of Public Interest Waiver for Naomi Walker

2009-5-26 OGE – Memo re ethics pledge issues-speeches and pledge paragraph 2

2009-8-24 OGE – Memo re Pres Obama’s Ethics Pledge

2009-11-10 OGE – Limited Waiver of Executive Order 13490 for Joseph Main

Office of Management and Budget

Office of Special Counsel

09/28/2011 – FOIA Request to OSC re Ethics Waivers and Hatch Act Concerns

Document Productions

Interim Production 1

Interim Production 2


Securities and Exchange Commission

In the Matter of Trent C. Arsenault

7 Nov 2011 Opposition to CBER Motion to Deny Hearing and for ASJ With Supporting Memo