Archives for December 2011 FDA Cracks Down on DIY Sperm Donor

Read the full story here. NBC News “The Food and Drug administration is working to put an end to a California’ man’s free sperm donation operation. Trent Arsenault, who has provided more than 350 donations and fathered 14 children through them, tells KNTV’s Traci Grant he’s just “helping people in […]

CoA Asks National Archives to Release FCIC Records

Potential Conflicts of Interest Abound Between FCIC Staff and Outside Entities Involved in Suing Banks Targeted by FCIC Cause of Action sent a Freedom of Information Act Request to the National Archives seeking the release of records it maintains from the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, the body tasked with investigating […]

Department of Defense

09/23/2011 – U.S. Navy – Use of White House Cafeteria for Political Events

Department of Energy

FOIA request to the Department of Energy regarding use of  funds under the Energy Policy Act 2011-10-31 DOE FOIA Req-Solyndra-Morris

Department of Health and Human Services

FTJ to CDC Re FOIA CPPW Grants 9.14.2011

Department of Homeland Security

FTJ to DHS_ICE Re FOIA Website Seizures (9.2.2011) FTJ FOIA Letter Followup to ICE RE Website Seizure 9.13.2011

Department of the Interior

09/09/2011 – Regulatory Flexibility Act Compliance