Federal News Radio: Dan Epstein Discussing Whistleblower Protection

Federal News Radio “In Depth” host Francis Rose talks with Dan Epstein about how the federal government is failing to protect whistleblowers.

Listen to the interview here.


VIDEO: Fox News Live – Demanding an end to lavish government spending

Dan Epstein joins Harris Faulkner on Fox News Live to discuss the GSA spending scandal and the steps Cause of Action is taking to hold the administration accountable for wasteful spending.


Dan Epstein Talks with G. Gordon Liddy About GSA Spending & Commemorative Items

Dan E

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pstein – G Gordon Liddy – April 11, 2012

Dan Epstein talks about GSA’s spending problem and CoA’s 32 FOIA requests in response.


Dan Epstein on KMOX: Why we’re suing the White House over Administrative Earmarks

Dan Epstein – KMOX – St. Louis, MO, March 15, 2012

Dan Epstein explains why Cause of Action is suing the White House over the issue of administrative earmarks.