Today marks the beginning of Sunshine Week, a nationwide celebration of government transparency and accountability.

Since our founding, Cause of Action Institute has been at the forefront of government transparency, using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to shed “sunshine” on the inner workings of our local, state and federal government. As fundamental as our right to vote, an open and transparent government is necessary to ensure the health of our democracy.

The hard work of our investigators and lawyers has resulted in public officials caught violating the law, government policies and procedures, and our litigation and public reports have improved the public’s right to understand and see how their government operates.

This week, we’ll highlight some of Cause of Action’s most important FOIA and open government cases, recommended reforms to the existing law, and highlight some of our ongoing investigations as we demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the economic and individual rights of tax payers remain protected from the administrative state.

Matt Frendewey is Director of Communications at Cause of Action Institute.