Archives for June 2015

Cause of Action Forces U.S. Treasury to Stop Snooping on Americans

Cause of Action submitted a letter to the Treasury Department requesting it cease the unauthorized collection of users’ location data online and investigate the program.

The Government is STILL Watching You

Cause of Action demands the Treasury Department stop collecting user location data online

Daily Signal – Top Export-Import Bank Official Deletes Text Messages Sent During 2014 Midterm Elections

CoA has learned a top-ranking official at the Export-Import Bank deleted text messages sent during the 2014 midterm elections.

Top Export-Import Bank Official Deleted His Text Messages After We Asked For Them

Through the Freedom of Information Act, our organization discovered that Ex-Im’s Chief of Staff, Scott Schloegel, deleted text messages he sent and received during the week of last year’s election.

Washington Free Beacon: Ex-Im Official Deleted Text Messages After FOIA Request

A top official at a controversial U.S. export finance agency deleted text messages sent within days of the 2014 midterm elections after a watchdog group filed an open records request for the messages.

Cause of Action Launches Investigation Into The Justice Department’s Settlements With Large Financial Firms

Cause of Action filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking clarity from the Justice Department on its legal authority to enter into financial settlements and arbitrarily allocate settlement funds.

Daily Caller: IRS Finds 6,400 New Lois Lerner Emails…Gives DUMBEST EXCUSE YET For Not Releasing Them

The IRS found 6,400 more Lois Lerner emails — but they’re not handing them over in court.