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Legal Insurrection: Save the whales! (Just don’t feed them.)

Read the full story: Legal Insurrection The real problem with these regulations, however, has less to do with the rules themselves, and more to do with the consequences that befall those who break the rules. Groups like Cause of Action help those who fall under the hammer of big government […]

Cause of Action Signs Coalition Letter Asking for OGIS Investigation of Administrative Closures

Cause of Action and 13 other groups sent a letter to OGIS urging it to investigate the agency practice of sending “administrative closure” letters.


The Senate Ethics Committee is claiming to have misplaced an ethics complaint about Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) sent over 300 days ago.

Washington Examiner: Poof: Casino ethics complaint against Reid disappears

An ethics complaint against Senator Harry Reid received by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics nearly a year ago has mysteriously disappeared.

The Nancy Black Story: Video Explains Dangers of Overcriminalization

How a federal government agency, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), disrupted a respected marine biologist’s work and threatened her freedom and her livelihood through overcriminalization.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Ethics panel ‘never received’ complaint against Reid

Cause of Action went public this week saying the committee had never responded to its complaint filed Dec. 16.

FOIA Documents: DOJ Assett Forfeitures

FOIA Request (July 2, 2012) Production (August 6, 2012)