Legal Insurrection: Save the whales! (Just don’t feed them.)

Read the full story: Legal Insurrection The real problem with these regulations, however, has less to do with the rules themselves, and more to do with the consequences that befall those who break the rules. Groups like Cause of Action help those who fall under the hammer of big government […]

The Nancy Black Story: Video Explains Dangers of Overcriminalization

How a federal government agency, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), disrupted a respected marine biologist’s work and threatened her freedom and her livelihood through overcriminalization.

Fox News: ‘Excessive’: Marine biologist ends 7-year legal battle with feds over feeding whales

The cautionary tale of the federal government’s case against marine biologist Nancy Black

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Court Filings in our defense of marine biologist Nancy Black

Cause of Action Finds Resolution for Marine Biologist in Case of Overcriminalization

Ms. Black’s case is a cautionary tale to those who believe the administrative state is benign

The Herald News: Marine biologist Nancy Black fined $12,500 for violating Marine Mammal Protection Act

“the power of the federal bureaucracy can affect the lives of hard-working Americans”