Archives for February 2014

Daily Caller: COMPLAINT: IRS ‘improperly withheld’ documents on new nonprofit rules

Cause of Action requested communications between the IRS and the administration to ensure that political bias did not factor into the design of new rules

Reason: The Feds vs. Craig Zucker

With the pro bono backing of the nonprofit group Cause of Action, Zucker sued the CPSC for what he calls its “unprecedented regulatory overreach.”

The Fight for Truth, Transparency, and Accountability at the National Archives

The “most transparent administration in history” should live up to its promise and release the FCIC records

Roll Call: FTC’s Data Security Grab Is Adjudication without Authority

Operating outside the bounds of law should never be tolerated — whether it is snooping data thieves or large government agencies

CBS News: Republicans ratchet up scrutiny of the IRS

Watchdog group Cause of Action filed a lawsuit to delay the rules

Transparency and Good-Government Groups Encourage Legislative Efforts to Bring Transparency and Accountability to Federal Grant-Making

Cause of Action and the following groups submitted a letter to Congress concerning discretionary grant spending and the GRANT Act

Washington Post: Unions, trade associations worried about possible IRS rule changes

“a back door attempt to stifle political opponents”