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Letter from DOI and Salazar to the Lunnys

DBOC Interior PDF

CoA NLRB Report and Letter to DOJ

121207 CoA letter to DOJ & NLRB Report

KTVU: POINT REYES: Oyster company files lawsuit over lease [VIDEO]

POINT REYES: Oyster company files lawsuit over lease with park…. The owner of Drakes Bay Oyster Company was vowing to stay open, having filed a lawsuit challenging the National Park Service decision to allow the 40-year lease to expire.

Drakes Bay Oyster Company and Cause of Action take on the Department of the Interior

We represent Drakes Bay Oyster Company; a small, family-run, sustainable oyster farm located in Point Reyes National Park. It’s been forty years since the National Park Service first issued a use permit for farming on the land, and now Ken Salazar has decided not to renew the permit to the […]

San Francisco Chronicle: Drakes Bay Oyster Co. sues feds in fight over farm

Read the full story here. SF Gate “If allowed to stand, Secretary Salazar’s decision will terminate 31 full-time jobs, deprive 15 employees of affordable housing, hijack a property right of the State of California and permanently tear the fabric of a rural community,” stated the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District […]

LA Times: Point Reyes oyster farmer threatens to sue park service

Read the full story here. Los Angeles Times “There was little chance that Lunny would accept Salazar’s ruling, and this week the Washington, D.C.-based government accountability group Cause of Action announced its intention to sue the National Park Service on Lunny’s behalf. Executive director Dan Epstein said, “We aim to […]

Press Release: Drakes Bay Oyster Company Files Lawsuit Against Government

  DRAKES BAY OYSTER COMPANY FILES LAWSUIT AGAINST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FOR ABUSING AUTHORITY, MISREPRESENTING SCIENCE National Park Service, Interior Department, Secretary Salazar All Named in Lawsuit Over Shut-Down of Bay Area Family Farm SAN FRANCISCO – Drakes Bay Oyster Company (DBOC) and owner Kevin Lunny filed a lawsuit on Monday, December […]