Archives for April 2012

Coin for Coins: Cause of Action Demands Agencies Reveal Wasteful Spending on Commemorative Items

The Hill: GSA fallout: Watchdog group probes 28 federal agencies for wasteful spending

Read the full story here. The Hill “Cause of Action, a government accountability watchdog group, has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to 28 federal agencies seeking any evidence that they used taxpayer dollars to buy commemorative awards. The group’s request followed this week’s report from the General Services […]

The Legal Eagle Eye: Social Media Membership’s Standing in Court

Cause of Action has a team of legal experts that are always looking ahead to what legal questions may be coming down the line involving public-interest organizations. In an effort to offer our expertise to any that may find it useful, we have started issuing First Impression Memos, an in-depth […]