New Records Reveal the FAA Has Been Tracking FOIA Media Requesters

The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) was introduced to ensure public access to records of the Executive Branch.  Unfortunately, agency FOIA processes have long suffered from politicization at the hands of bureaucrats and political appointees who hope to frustrate the disclosure of embarrassing or newsworthy documents.  A recent report about […]

Cause of Action Memo on FAA Hatch Act Violations

120910 Memo on CoA FAA Investigation

VIDEO: Fox News – FAA execs politically swaying workers?

Fox News interviews Representative John Mica (R-FL), the Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, regarding Cause of Action’s investigation into a possible Hatch Act violation at the FAA.   Watch the latest video at

New York Times: Inquiry Starts at FAA Over Remark on Budget

Read the full story here. The New York Times “In the e-mails, obtained by the watchdog group Cause of Action, an F.A.A. employee in Seattle gives an account of Mr. Hickey’s remarks at the May 23 session. (The names on the e-mails are blacked out; the contents are reprinted here […]

VIDEO: Fox News – FAA employees pressured to vote for Obama?

Fox News reports on Cause of Action’s finding of a possible Hatch Act violation at the Federal Aviation Administration. Watch the latest video at 

FAA Hatch Act Investigation Exhibits

  Cause of Action released documents today revealing a potential Hatch Act violation at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) involving John J. Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety at the FAA, and Raymond Towles, deputy director of flight standards field operations. At a May 23, 2012 staff meeting, Hickey […]

AP: Group: FAA bosses urged workers to vote Democrat

Group: FAA bosses urged workers to vote Democrat   By: Manuel Valdes, Associated Press SEATTLE (AP) — A government transparency group is urging an investigation into Federal Aviation Administration managers who allegedly urged workers in Seattle to vote Democrat in the upcoming elections. The Washington, D.C.-based group Cause of Action sent a letter Wednesday […]