Washington Examiner: Cause of Action challenges attorney general’s official property seizure reform

Administrative forfeitures are increasing exponentially, and are the most popular form of seizure by a wide margin.

Cause of Action Calls on DOJ IG to Audit Forfeiture Programs

Our findings show that if this administration is serious about attempting such reform, the recently announced policy changes fall far short of the mark.

Roll Call: Et tu, DOJ? Will Loretta Lynch Ignore IRS Fraud as AG as She Did in Her Own Backyard?

Lynch has a history of failing to investigate progressive-leaning nonprofit groups.

FOIA Documents: DOJ Assett Forfeitures

FOIA Request (July 2, 2012) Production (August 6, 2012)  

LIBRE Joins Litigation Regarding “Operation Choke Point”

LIBRE filed the brief – which was written by the nonprofit government oversight group Cause of Action – arguing that the government abused its power

Daily Caller: After Holder: Four Things The Next Attorney General Must Address

Read Dan Epstein’s op-ed in the Daily Caller here. Attorney General Eric Holder may be heading for the exit door at the Department of Justice (DOJ), but numerous gaps in the agency’s enforcement remain. Will the next attorney general address fraud, transparency, and oversight concerns? We recommend four issues the […]

Lessons for the Next Attorney General

Four DOJ failures that Cause of Action hopes the next Attorney General would ensure the agency corrects.