From the Washington Examiner:

Solyndra was indicative, not exceptional. Just this week, Cause of Action, an activist watchdog nonprofit, said it found a .95 percent correlation between companies that got Energy Department loans and those that made political contributions.

Government Executive:

The Justice Department spent $11.4 million on executives’ non-mission aircraft travel from 2006 through 2011, nearly a quarter of which was for personal travel.

The attorneys general and FBI director serving in this period overwhelmingly accounted for the travel, taking 95 percent of the flights, according to the Government Accountability Office. The AGs and FBI director partially reimbursed the government for the personal trips, in accordance with the law, GAO found.

Wall Street Journal:

Labor leaders had tough words for the Obama administration and Senate Democrats as they demanded that new members be appointed to the embattled National Labor Relations Board.