January Newsletter

Cause of Action Institute published its January newsletter today. You can read the newsletter here and subscribe to the newsletter here. The January newsletter highlights:

  • We will represent D-Link Systems, Inc. in its defense against recent unwarranted and baseless charges brought by the Federal Trade Commission regarding the company’s security practices for consumer routers and IP cameras;
  • we sued the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to obtain access to records about the agency’s acquisition of land in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Americans deserve to understand how and why BLM wants to increase its control over land that could otherwise be used for private or state purposes; and
  • the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a ruling by the District Court in a lawsuit Cause of Action Institute filed against Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. Archivist David Ferriero seeking to enforce their duties under the Federal Records Act as they relate to retrieval of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

October Newsletter

Cause of Action Institute published its October newsletter today. You can read the newsletter here and subscribe to the newsletter here.  The October newsletter highlights:

  • our investigative report, Presidential Access to Taxpayer Information, describing recent IRS misuse and unauthorized release of confidential taxpayer information and the role of a detailee program in the Office of the White House Counsel that could be used to provide access to the protected information;
  • a request for investigation we made to the Department of Justice Inspector General after one of Hillary Clinton’s top supporters, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, made a substantial political donation to the state senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe; and
  • links to a recent op-ed about how EPA regulations affect the employment of millions of Americans, as well as several news articles covering recent CoA Institute actions.

September Newsletter

Cause of Action Institute published its September newsletter today. You can read the newsletter here and subscribe to the newsletter here.  The September newsletter highlights:

  • documents CoA Institute recently obtained through FOIA revealing a secret agreement between the IRS and the White House to exempt IRS rules from prepublication review;
  • details of our investigation into taxpayer reimbursements for luxury travel of a political appointee and cash payments to Iran; and
  • links to a recent op-ed Judge Lechner wrote about the spread of partisan politics into the Cabinet and to several press stories about recent CoA Institute activities.