Loper Bright Enterprises, Inc. v. Gina Raimondo

The Supreme Court Takes the Case to Consider the Future of Chevron

Cause of Action Institute (“CoA”) represents a group of herring fishermen from Cape May, New Jersey. They are the classic American story: family businesses grown and passed down to the next generation. But now they face an existential threat: their own government. The Magnuson-Stevens Act gives the government the authority to place “observers” on the fishermen’s boats. These government minders watch the fishermen work to make sure they don’t break any laws. It’s like carrying a state trooper in your car to make sure you don’t speed.  

But then the government ran out of money to pay for certain monitoring programs. Instead of asking Congress for more money, the government decided the fishermen must pay the salary of the third-party contractors. This can be $700 per day, which is more than a captain would make and could drive the boats out of the fishery. An industry already beleaguered by overlapping state and federal regulations, plus strict limits on how much they can catch, now must pay for the government to do its job. 

Several fishermen, represented by CoA and former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, have successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to take this case.

The Law is Clear 

Statutory context makes clear Congress knew how to delegate authority for industry-funded monitoring but decided not to for the herring fishery. Unfortunately, the D.C. Circuit held this silence was ambiguous and thus, due to Chevron deference, it must assume the government’s interpretation of the statue is correct.  As a result, the court allowed the government to mandate regulations that Congress never authorized. 

Overrule Chevron Deference 

Chevron Deference allows government agencies to push their regulatory authority well beyond what Congress intended in statutes—with a thumb on the scales of justice, the government almost always winsWhile the Supreme Court has stopped citing Chevron, lower courts still routinely will—it must be overturned or modified to curb this regulatory abuse. 

The Supreme Court should either overrule Chevron or clarify that unelected bureaucrats cannot compel fishermen to pay at-sea monitors without a clear authorization from Congress. This case provides that opportunity.  

What’s Next?

We are now in the merits briefing cycle, and the case will likely be argued later this fallIf your organization or client is interested in participating in the case by filing an amicus brief, please let us know by emailing Eric Bolinder at eric.bolinder@causeofaction.org.  

Download a case summary on Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo here.


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