Cause of Action, a government accountability group which has investigated Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Deputy Inspector General (IG) Charles Edwards, issued the following response to his resignation.

Executive Director Dan Epstein:

“Cause of Action has investigated Charles Edwards for two years, working with information from credible insiders, and filing a FOIA request for records related to Edwards’ misconduct on March 27, 2013, which DHS OIG ignored, prompting us to sue. Our lawsuit ultimately led to the receipt of documents revealing nepotism, mismanagement and the existence of several internal complaints against Edwards, compelling us to ask the President to remove him from office. Cause of Action sees the failure of the Administration to hold Edwards accountable and Edwards’ resignation, less than three days before a Senate hearing, as a cowardly excuse to avoid answering difficult questions about allegations of his abuse and misconduct, some of which may rise to violations of the law, in the Inspector General office.”