Agency files desperate eleventh-hour data security complaint against D-Link without a single instance of actual or likely substantial harm to any consumer

Washington D.C. – The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) yesterday filed a complaint against D-Link Systems, Inc. (“D-Link”) claiming a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act resulting from unsupported allegations of data security lapses in D-Link’s Consumer IP routers and IP cameras.

“The FTC has again overstepped its legal authority under Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act and is bringing this enforcement action without precedent or facts on its side,” said Cause of Action Institute Assistant Vice President Patrick Massari. “In D-Link’s 30-year history, there is no evidence of a single security breach that has resulted in harm to any consumer. As was the case in the FTC’s assault on LabMD, a small cancer-detection laboratory that was destroyed by the FTC’s zeal to dismantle any business that dared challenge its authority, the purpose of this case is to again intimidate businesses and attempt to extend its authority beyond what Congress intended.  D-Link’s ongoing vigorous defense of its security practices and fight against the FTC’s overreach through the legal system is a courageous step in the right direction for all consumer router companies who wish to fight against FTC’s disregard for facts and the rule of law.  Commissioners Ramirez and McSweeny have not learned the lesson of the LabMD case.  FTC’s predatory appetite for overzealous and baseless persecution continues unabated.”

The FTC complaint predictably alleges that D-Link has “failed to take reasonable steps to secure the software for their routers and IP cameras, which [are] offered to consumers, respectfully, for the purpose of protecting their local networks and accessing sensitive personal information.”  D-Link denies the unwarranted allegations outlined in the FTC complaint and asserts it will vigorously defend the action.

The FTC has made vague and unsubstantiated allegations relating to Consumer IP routers and IP cameras.  D-Link maintains a robust range of procedures to address potential security issues, which exist in all Internet of Things devices.  Notably, the complaint does not allege any breach of a D-Link device.  Instead, the FTC speculates that consumers were placed “at risk” to be hacked, but fails to allege, as it must, that actual consumers suffered or are likely to suffer actual substantial injuries. 

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