Over the past few months, Cause of Action has been working to make sure the Lunnys, a family who runs Drakes Bay Oyster Company (DBOC), are able to keep their oyster business open. With less than 45 days until the deadline for a decision, there are several updates on this important issue.

Recently, Cause of Action submitted a response to the National Park Service to have the information contained in their reports accurately reflect the situation at the Lunnys’ environmentally responsible, sustainable oyster farm in Point Reyes National Park.

The Lunnys’ struggle against the National Park Service has also caught the attention of the California state Fish and Game commission, who recently sent a letter of support for the Lunnys to the National Park Service.

On November 30, 2012 the Lunnys’ permit to lease land from The National Park Service will expire. Before that date, NPS is required to issue a final report assessing the scientific findings concerning DBOC’s effect on Drakes Bay. We hope that the NPS uses credible data when they make a decision that will affect the livelihood of not just the Lunnys, but their employees, and the community as well.


As of May 24, 2013, Cause of Action no longer represents Drakes Bay Oyster Company, the Lunny family, or Dr. Corey Goodman and will be withdrawing as counsel from the litigation.