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Moultrie News: Mira retrieves eight cases of underwater wine, extending commitment to innovation

Read the full story: Moultrie News Mira Winery, a producer of critically acclaimed wines exclusively from Napa Valley, announced today that it had retrieved seven cases of the winery’s Rutherford Cabernet and one case of Chardonnay, a fraction of the winery’s total production, as it extends its commitment to innovation. […]

Nonpartisan Transparency Coalition Asks Federal Trade Commission For Information About Email Use

CoA has submitted a FOIA request to the FTC seeking to determine whether agency employees may be attempting to shield government records.

Cause of Action Sues the Justice Department For Information On Tax Detail Program

CoA recently discovered that the DoJ has been placing their Tax Division attorneys in the White House to provide legal advice to the President.

Daily Caller: Cause of Action Sues DOJ, IRS On Protecting Tax Info From White House Abuses

A watchdog group filed a complaint against the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service Wednesday after the two agencies failed to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests for documentation of how they protect Americans’ private tax information from abuse by government attorneys.

Cause of Action Asks Federal Court To Reconsider Complaint Filed By Small Business Owner Who Is Being Wrongly Targeted By The Federal Government

This week, CoA filed an opening brief on behalf of Rhea Lana, Inc. The case is now pending in the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Wall Street Journal: The Wine-Dark Sea of Regulation

On May 27, our Napa Valley winery will pull eight cases of Cabernet Sauvignon out of Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. We placed them there six months ago, protected from the elements, following similar experiments in the past two years. The cold water and the tides seem to expedite the aging process, and we believe that our ocean-aged fine wine—which we’ve trademarked as Aquaoir—could revolutionize how vintners around the world think about winemaking. The only obstacle: the federal government.

Cause of Action Asks Appellate Court to Disallow Government-Sanctioned Abuse of Federal Grant Program in President’s Hometown

This week, Appellant Cause of Action filed a reply brief in Cause of Action v. Chicago Transit Authority, pending in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.