Archives for September 2014

Cause of Action Defeats Treasury IG Tax Office in FOIA Lawsuit

Court Rules that TIGTA Must Process FOIA Request Regarding Investigations Into Tax Records Improperly Shared with the President

Statement for the Record: Hearing on “The IRS Targeting Scandal: Changing Stories of Missing E-Mails”

Cause of Action submitted a Statement for the Record to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Job Creation and Regulatory Affairs. The hearing was on “The IRS Targeting Scandal: Changing Stories of Missing E-Mails.” 2014 9 17 Statement for the Record by Cause of Action

Washington Examiner: Watchdogs challenge Obama to review ‘White House equities’ impact on FOIA

Cause of Action called for the Obama administration to review the Craig Memo and either withdraw it or clearly define “White House equities.”

The Seattle Times: Editorial: Commercial photography rule makes the Forest Service look bad

Government watchdog group Cause of Action is suing 12 federal agencies for allowing the White House to conduct politically review of FOIA requests

Coalition of Open Government Groups Confront President Obama On Policy that Frustrates Transparency

25 Groups Ask President to Withdraw or Clarify Memorandum Instructing Agencies to Consult with White House on Document Releases

Lessons for the Next Attorney General

Four DOJ failures that Cause of Action hopes the next Attorney General would ensure the agency corrects.

Washington Examiner: Earmarks never went away — they changed addresses

Cause of Action began investigating executive branch earmarks in December 2011, when the group sent FOIA requests to 21 agencies to track down grants.