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Washington Examiner: Nine people who know how to make government work better, more honestly

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Daniel Epstein
Executive Director,
Cause of Action
Five most needed victories:
1. Passage of the Data Act and digitalization of all federal spending data.
2. Creation of a private right of action under the Information Quality Act.
3. Creation of judicial review procedures under the Administrative Procedures Act for review of decisions of the IRS whistleblower office.
4. Uniform database of FOIA requests and processing, following current online tracking used by the Department of Labor and the FBI.
5. Legislative action based on the District of Columbia Circuit’s Aera v. Salazar decision, which would require disclosure of political influence on agency decisions, including disclosure of administrative earmarks under Executive Order 13457 – protecting taxpayers against wasteful earmarks.

Fox News: DISH Network co-founder accused of bullying execs for political donations

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“The Federal Election Commission complaint, filed by conservative advocacy group Cause of Action, claimed an unnamed “insider” had come forward to report DISH executives ‘being compelled to make political campaign contributions’….Cause of Action’s complaint went on to detail how contributions from that PAC often coincided with individual contributions from some of the DISH executives — for instance, a $5,000 PAC donation to the campaign of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., in August 2011, and a $2,500 donation from Han the same day; or contributions from two DISH executives to the campaign of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., in September 2010, followed by a $5,000 PAC contribution the following May….”

Washington Times: FEC pressed to probe Dish TV chief

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“A watchdog group wants federal election regulators to investigate whether the head of a major satellite-television company forced company executives to donate to prominent Democratic campaigns in recent years.

Citing an “insider” source, the nonprofit Cause of Action filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission late Wednesday asking investigators to look into whether Dish Network’s chairman threatened executives with the loss of their jobs if they refused to donate to favored candidates.

The complaint, made public on Thursday, said the watchdog had received information from a source it did not identify that Dish executives, including Chief Operating Officer Bernard Han, were being “compelled” to make political donations by the company’s chairman, Charles Ergen…”

New Filings in the NARA Lawsuit