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Regulating Social Media

  The legal implications of using social media as an organization and as part of an organization have not yet been fully vetted. Yesterday, Forbes reported on a growing controversy over Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation of advertising on social media. The FTC imposed new regulations covering social media a […]

The Washington Free Beacon: Report: 170 ACORN-affiliated groups still active

Read the full article here. Washington Free Beacon “Cause of Action, a nonprofit government watchdog group, recently identified 174 active or rebranded ACORN affiliates, as well as organizations that share former ACORN staff. The groups shared the same physical location, leadership or staff, or tax ID number as old ACORN chapters, […]

174 Hidden ACORN Chapters Still Exist

After the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) was shut down in 2010, was there really an end to the scandals and abuse of taxpayer funding for which the organization had become known? Cause of Action recently published a list of “still-active ACORN entities, ACORN allies, and rebranded ACORN organizations.” […]

Washington Examiner: Report: ACORN network still active under new names

Read the full story here. Washington Examiner “But that doesn’t mean it vanished from the landscape altogether. The nonprofit watchdog group Cause of Action published a list today of “still-active ACORN entities, ACORN allies, and rebranded ACORN organizations.”   The connections between these groups and the old ACORN groups include: […]

CoA Uncovers Still-Active ACORN Entities, ACORN Allies, and Rebranded ACORN Organizations

  List of Still-Active ACORN Entities, ACORN Allies, and Rebranded ACORN Organizations 1825 Atlantic MHANY, Inc. 4415 San Jacinto Street Corporation 5301 McDougall Corporation 730 Rockaway MHANY, Inc. A Community Voice (ACV) ACORN Community Land Association of Pennsylvania ACORN Community Land Association, Inc. ACORN Global Enterprises, L3C ACORN Loan Program […]

Are FOIA Challenges Hurting Government Transparency?

  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests are an important legal tool, which allows for organizations such as Cause of Action and the public to find out about how the government is spending tax dollars. FOIA is the only real method that the public can use to get specific details […]

SeafoodSource: Calif. oyster grower fights National Park Service

Read the full article here. “Cause of Action, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit dedicated to fighting federal overreach, today filed a Data Quality Act complaint before the National Park Service (NPS) for its intentional use of inaccurate, nontransparent and deliberately misleading information in an attempt to deny a renewable permit […]