The FTC Is Appealing Its Loss In The LabMD Case. Here’s What You Need To Know.

The appeal of the ALJ’s decision will not be to an independent court, but to the Commission – the very body that decided to sue LabMD in the first place

Nonpartisan Transparency Coalition Asks Federal Trade Commission For Information About Email Use

CoA has submitted a FOIA request to the FTC seeking to determine whether agency employees may be attempting to shield government records.

Cato Institute: A Spurned Vendor — And a Tip To the FTC

Read the full story: Cato Institute  In 2010, the Federal Trade Commission approached an Atlanta-based medical testing company, LabMD, with accusations that it had wrongfully left its customer data insecure and vulnerable to hackers. LabMD’s owner denied that the company was at fault and a giant legal battle ensued. To […]

Gov Info Security: FTC’s LabMD Case: The Next Steps

CoA’s Reed Rubinstein: “The only evidence in the record now is that LabMD was telling the truth from the beginning that they were hacked by a cyberthief, and that the FTC did nothing to verify the information it was given by Tiversa.”

New Documents Show How FTC Lobbied Sen. Jay Rockefeller To Kill FOIA Reform

The FTC lobbied former Senator Jay Rockefeller to hold up Freedom Of Information Act reform legislation late last year.

We Live Security: Whistleblower claims cybersecurity firm hacked clients

Ex-employee alleges company does not play by the rules.

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