At Cause of Action, we are always interested in whistleblower protection. In fact, the fight for government accountability depends on whistleblowers from within the government who are willing to step forward to hold our government accountable.

Today, President Obama signed into law the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (WPEA), furthering protection for those who report government waste, fraud and abuse.

After many years spent in development, the WPEA was presented to the Senate and unanimously passed on November 14, 2012. Soon after, on November 21, President Obama waived the rescission of $11.5 million in funds for several department and agency inspectors generals so they could continue their long-term investigations. The waiver applies to the departments of Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation, National Science Foundation and Small Business Administration. The waiver also applies to the Department of Treasury’s inspector general for tax administration.

The new law puts into effect many positive changes:

(1)    It increases protections for whistleblowing to Congress.

(2)    It increases agency responsibility to inform prospective whistleblowers of their rights.

(3)    It requires Inspector Generals to directly appoint assistant IGs for whistleblower protection and investigation purposes.

(4)    It specifically outlines the need to protect against censorship of data and research at federal agencies.


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