Cause of Action in the News:

Forbes Court Orders IRS To Reveal White House Requests About Taxpayers

Cause of Action won a major victory for the American people and their right to know what is going on in their government.  A federal judge has ruled that the IRS cannot use taxpayer privacy laws to cover up activity that harms those taxpayers.  The IRS must now go through the records it previously refused to release.

Wall Street JournalMiles From Nowhere (An update on the IRS scandal.)

A lawsuit by Cause of Action has led to a court ruling require the IRS to go through documents it had previously refused claiming it violated taxpayer confidentiality laws.  The documents they must search include “any communications by or from anyone in the Executive Office of the President constituting requests for taxpayer or ‘return information’ ”.  Hopefully, this ruling will help us to shed some light onto “the most transparent administration in history.”

In Other News:

The Hill7,000 pages of Clinton emails released

After a court order, the State Department released 7,000 more pages of Hillary  Clinton emails. Over 100 have already been identified as containing classified information, although the State Department claims they were not marked as classified when they were sent.  Several of these emails contain information about former secretary of state Clinton’s work with foreign governments.

PoliticoEx-Clinton staffer who set up email server to invoke Fifth Amendment

An ex-Clinton staffer is following in the steps of Lois Lerner.  Bryan Pagliano has been subpoenaed by the House Benghazi Committee to testify about his role in the setup of Hillary Clinton’s personal server and turn over any related documentation.  His attorney has asked that they excuse Pagliano from testifying and informed the committee that Pagliano will plead the fifth and has refused to turn over any documents.

The Hill – Congress should protect small business from IRS overreach

As the power of the IRS grows, small businesses and non-profits have continued to suffer. The IRS has used audits as more of a weapon then as an independent inspection.  The IRS has also been forcing companies to turn over a great deal of personal information, which according to tax law is not necessary. Congress needs to step in and protect the American people from the long arm of the IRS.

Wall Street JournalThe EPA’s Next Big Economic Chokehold (Lowering ozone—from cars, trucks, factories and power plants—in the name of an imaginary health benefit.)

Without any scientific research, the EPA has claimed that reducing ground level ozone with reduce the instance of asthma.  This is a very expensive regulation, monetarily and for jobs, with nothing backing it up.  The reduction will have a direct impact with the EPA saying ozone must be reduced from “automobiles, trucks, buses, factories, power plants” and “consumer products.” This overreach will have a direct impact on the everyday lives of Americans.