Cause of Action in the News:

Wall Street JournalNew Front Opens on Clinton Emails (News that FBI has recovered emails prompts Republican senator to ask for independent review)

With the turnover of Hillary Clinton’s email server to the FBI, Cause of Action is continuing to work for a more transparent government.  We are suing both the State Department and the National Archives to get them to do the right thing and ensure all required work emails were given to the government.  “Our lawsuit calls on both of those agencies to ensure that these records are properly recovered, and we intend to continue our efforts until that happens,” said Cause of Action Executive Director Dan Epstein.

Daily CallerWhite House Intervened In Dept. Of Energy FOIA Requests

A White House memo was found that told government FOIA lawyers that they must consult with the White House if any FOIA requests included what they called “White House equities.” “This report is yet another piece of evidence that shows how the Obama administration, which was supposed to be the most transparent in history, is anything but. Information seekers, whether they’re individuals, members of the news media or public interest groups, should be extremely troubled by the fact that this White House has been interfering with how federal agencies comply with the Freedom of Information Act,” Dan Epstein Executive Director of Cause of Action said about the memo.

In Other News:

NY TimesInvestigators Find Emails Hillary Clinton Said Were Erased

The FBI easily found emails that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said had been deleted.  Investigators are looking into what Clinton had described as “personal” emails and are checking to see if any of them have any level of classification.

Daily CallerEPA Doesn’t Know About Dozens Of Its Own IT Systems

Most people would assume that a government agency would have some system in place to keep track of it’s IT.  However, the Environmental Protection Agency has an unknown number of IT systems that it doesn’t know about.  Not knowing about your IT systems puts the data on those systems at a much greater risk to data breaches.

Free BeaconNSA Director: Foreign Spies Would See Clinton’s Emails as a Target

The director of the National Security Administration has admitted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails would be a prime target for foreign spies.  Director Mike Rogers said that if the situation we’re reversed and it was a foreign leader who was conducting business on a private server, saying “From a foreign intelligence perspective, that represents opportunity.”

MondaqFTC Urges Start-Ups To Incorporate Cybersecurity Early

At a Federal Trade Commission conference the FTC emphasized the importance of cybersecurity for small to medium size businesses.  This conference occurred after a Court of Appeals decision to hold Wyndham Worldwide, company who was victim to a cybersecurity attack, responsible for the consumer data loss.  The FTC’s goal is to “ensure that companies make truthful representations about their privacy and security practices, and that they provide reasonable security for consumer data.”