Cause of Action in the News:

PoliticoGOP senators want to talk to Clinton tech staffer’s boss

On Monday, Cause of Action sent a letter to the Inspector General of the State Department asking for an investigation into the off the books way Hillary Clinton paid for the management of her private server.  We aren’t the only ones trying to get to the bottom of this.  Two senators want to dig deeper into the staffer who was managing the server.  Hopefully, with all the pressure being applied to the State Department the American people will start to get some answers.

POGOFOIA Fee Waivers Protected

The US Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with Cause of Action, confirming that federal agencies cannot use fees to prevent releasing documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.  It was decided by the court that the only requirement for FOIA requests concerning the requester’s use of the documents is that they must “enlighten more than just the individual requester.”  This is great news for anyone who wants to see a more transparent federal government.

In Other News:

Washington ExaminerEmail scandal defining Clinton campaign

When people think of Hillary Clinton they seem to focus in on one thing in particular, her email scandal.  In a Gallop poll, when asked about what sticks out when they read or hear about Hillary Clinton, of 750 adults “email” was mentioned 329 times in a few different ways including “email”, “email scandal” and “that email thing”.

Fox NewsGOP lawmaker moves to impeach EPA chief McCarthy

Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar claims that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency lied to Congress.  He said “McCarthy not only broke the law by lying to Congress, but in doing so she also lied to the American people in order to force misguided and overreaching regulations, which have no scientific basis, down our throats.” Because of her perjury the Representative says that Administrator McCarthy should be impeached.

ForbesIRS Gets Sued Over Bonuses To Lois Lerner

The IRS scandal continues.  Pleading the Fifth, missing email, fake email accounts have all been a part of the drama that has been plaguing the IRS.  Now they have a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act on their hands over bonuses they gave out right after the nonprofit targeting became public knowledge.  Of the $70 million in bonuses given out Lois Lerner received $42,000.

Daily CallerHillary Clinton Emails Have A FIVE-Month Gap

After testifying that she had turned over all required emails, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have missed a couple months.  There have been claims that there were five months of emails missing from what was turned over by Mrs. Clinton.  The State Department has responded to those claims saying that there aren’t any gaps, those documents just haven’t been released yet and will be released in the future.