Cause of Action in the News:

Daily CallerWatchdog Wins Big FOIA Decision In Federal Appeals Court

Cause of Action has won a major victory for government transparency!  The courts have agreed that it isn’t right for government agencies to use expensive fees to pick and choose who is and who isn’t “a representative of the news media”.  Federal agencies would use this refuse FOIA request fee exemptions and stop smaller/lesser known news outlets and reporters, making them pay the very expensive FOIA fees.  Thanks to this victory, more people have access to the government documents that rightfully belong to the American people.

Daily MailFormer attorney general says classified email scandal ‘disqualifies’ Hillary Clinton from serving as president – IF she’s prosecuted for breaking federal law

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey says that by law Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from being president if she unlawfully destroyed government records.  Cause of Action Executive Director Dan Epstein said “The manner in which former Secretary Clinton stored official email correspondence during her tenure as Secretary of State, and her conduct with those emails subsequent to her resignation, trigger applicable laws and regulations relating to federal records and also raise criminal concerns. At least one applicable penalty is the disqualification from holding the office of President.”

In Other News:

Washington TimesIRS finds yet another Lois Lerner email account (‘Toby Miles’ account linked to government business)

It has been discovered that Lois Lerner was using an email address under the name “Toby Miles”.  This is at least the third email that Lerner was using in addition to her government email and another personal email.  This information was revealed years after the IRS targeting scandal started.

Daily Caller – Clinton’s New Three-Pronged Strategy To Respond To Email Scandal Doesn’t Even Address Emails, Server

Hillary Clinton has a strategy to win back the trust of the people, but not talk about what is the biggest concern the people have.  The former secretary of state plans on educating people on the process of how a document is classified.  Then she wants to focus on the issues, her private server not being one of them.  And finally Mrs. Clinton will actively attempt to defend her time as secretary of state.  With her having to change her story so many times, maybe that’s just easier.

NY PostCaroline Kennedy used private email for government business

Although the State Department defends our ambassador to Japan, Inspector General Steve Linick reported, “confirmed that senior embassy staff used personal email accounts to send and receive messages containing official business.” The Inspector General confirmed that Ambassador Kennedy was using a personal email account in an official capacity.

Wall Street JournalThe EPA’s Own Email Problem (Another government employee, another private account, another crashed hard drive.)

That’s right, another government email scandal.  Phillip North, a biologist for the Environmental Protection Agency, was using a private email to conduct EPA business to ensure results fell in line with his own personal beliefs.  Instead of being the unbiased scientist, Mr. North used a private email account to advance his own agenda and has since left the country.