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CNNClinton aides’ BlackBerry phones likely destroyed

According to the State Department it is their procedure to destroy outdated BlackBerry phones, but State Department spokesman John Kirby said they were probably reset to factory settings after being returned.  The State Department claims to have no idea where the phones could have ended up if they weren’t destroyed.

Washington PostHillary Clinton won’t say if her server was wiped

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to claim that she is doing everything in her power to cooperate with the FBI and that she has no idea if her server was wiped or not.  None of the now discovered classified emails were written by Mrs. Clinton, according to the State Department.

PoliticoJudge says Hillary Clinton’s private emails violated policy

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan was in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit hearing when he stated “We wouldn’t be here today if this employee had followed government policy.”  He was referring to Hillary Clinton and her lack of regard for the rules when she used a private server when sending and receiving work emails.

Daily CallerInhofe: EPA’s Trying To Regulate Sewers

The Environmental Protection Agency is looking to increase its regulatory reach by claiming they can regulate places that USED TO BE streams and wetlands.  It used to be standard to build sewers in existing streams.  In order to figure out the impact the Clean Water Act will have on city sewer systems Sen. Jim Inhofe has contacted the EPA for clarification.


The practice of bringing your own device (BYOD) to use for work purposes has been banned in many federal agencies. You may be wondering what nefarious means federal employees have used to bypass the ban.  It’s actually very simple.  Federal employees just use their own devices anyway.

Fox NewsIRS targeting scheme is a scandal with no end in sight

“Evil” and “dishonest” were the words Lois Learner used to describe the Republicans who had her testify about the IRS targeting scandal.  Lois Learner also didn’t like the pictures taken of her in the courtroom saying, “I looked like crap. I don’t look like that anymore, but it serves their purposes of hate mongering to continue to use those images.”  These statements do not help Ms. Learner’s case that she was unbiased in her role as Director of Exempt Organizations.