National Review: It Appears the State Department Has Had a Policy of Retaining Senior Officials’ Emails Since 2009 – The State Department has provided Cause of Action with documents showing that the department has required emails to be preserved since 2009. According to the documents, the department should have had possession of Secretary Clinton’s email records when Mrs. Clinton left office. The fact that they did not have possession of her emails raises still pressing questions… Read More

Washington Examiner: State Department allowing Clinton Foundation to approve emails for release – “State Department officials began allowing the Clinton Foundation to review emails the government planned to release to Congress and Freedom of Information Act requesters in January 2014, prompting a process that has delayed the publication of agency records for months.”… Read More

Cause of Action: HHS Inspector General Finds Potential Misuse of Obamacare Federal Grant Dollars – The IG for HHS, Daniel R. Levinson, recently sent a letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expressing concern that Obamacare state exchanges may be unlawfully spending federal grant dollars to fund operations… Read More

CNN: IRS watchdog finds 6,400 missing Lois Lerner emails – The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has found emails from Lerner that were previously thought to be permanently deleted… Read More

Washington Times: Obama clean energy loans leave taxpayers in $2.2 billion hole – Even after Obama administration officials promised that these projects would pay for themselves, taxpayers have now been left holding the bag… Read More