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As controversy over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s hidden emails sparks heightened public interest in the Freedom of Information Act, transparency advocates agree that a week dedicated to exposing government secrets couldn’t be coming at a better time.


During the seven days of Sunshine Week media outlets, nonprofits, schools and concerned citizens team up to promote the importance of transparency and accountability at all levels of government. James Madison’s March 16 birthday is the anchor of the week because he wrote the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution…


Transparency litigator Cause of Action aims to illustrate the flaws in FOIA by ranking federal agencies on how well they handle requests for information in its 2015 “Grading the Government” report.


“Sunshine Week is extremely important because the public has a right to know what their government is up to,” said Dan Epstein, Cause of Action’s president. “Unfortunately, when it comes to transparency, most agencies in Washington are performing woefully under par.”