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A broad-based coalition of non-profit advocates for greater transparency and accountability in the federal asked Secretary of State John Kerry and Archivist of the United States David Fierro to make publicly available in electronic format all of Hillary Clinton’s private emails dealing with official business.


“Because it is of the utmost importance that all of former Secretary Clinton’s emails are properly preserved and transferred back to the State Department for accountability and historical record purposes, we are asking that you verify that Secretary Clinton’s emails containing federal records are transferred to the Department of State in their original electronic form, so that all such emails may be accessible pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act,” the coalition said in a letter to the officials.


The coalition includes Cause of Action, Defending Dissent Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation, MuckRock, National Coalition for History, National Security Archive, National Security Counselors,, Pirate Times, Project on Government Oversight, Society of Professional Journalists and the Sunlight Foundation.