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                                         Message from John

Our team is fortunate enough to spend every day working to tear down barriers and protect individual and economic liberty, and we are exceptionally grateful for the days where we get to see those barriers removed. In early May, Cause of Action celebrated a decision from a U.S. District Court denying all damages against our clients, Robert and Angelo Cupo, and their small business. This decision was not only a victory for this family, but for all small business owners and entrepreneurs who fear the administrative state.

In other news, Cause of Action Institute met with entrepreneurs at D.C.’s 2019 Small Business Expo, filed a new lawsuit on behalf of Techdirt for records the government has refused to turn over, and advanced our ongoing investigation into the FOIA’s “foreseeable harm” standard by filing a lawsuit against 14 federal agencies. We hope you will take a moment to read into some of the strides Cause of Action has taken this month in pursuit of a more free and open society.

John J. Vecchione, president & CEO

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