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Message from John

We hope everyone had a wonderful, safe New Year, and a great January. Cause of Action Institute continues to break down barriers that restrict individuals from exercising their rights and securing their economic freedom.

Recently, Cause of Action Institute highlighted deficiencies in a proposed rule to shift burdensome costs of at-sea monitoring to commercial fishermen — the rule and new costs could severely impact small business and family-owned fishing operations. A month later in a similar matter affecting fisherman, Cause of Action Institute caught the government ignoring the public comment period when creating new financial burdens on fishermen.

Our efforts on behalf of these small business and family-owned fishing operations is just one example of Cause of Action Institute’s commitment to fighting on behalf of average Americans who face unnecessary and overreaching burdens from the federal government.

We hope you’ll take a moment to take a look at what we have been up to in the new year as we continue to fight for a more free and open society for all Americans.

John J. Vecchione, president & CEO