Cause of Action Joins Amicus Brief in Minority TV v. FCC

Cause of Action has joined an amicus brief filed by the Southeastern Legal Foundation in the case of Minority TV v. FCC calling on the Supreme Court hear a challenge to the rule that political speech on broadcast television deserves less Constitutional protection than political speech in other media.

In McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court specifically recognized Cause of Action’s unique and important perspective regarding the critical relationship between political transparency and robust free speech.  Here, Cause of Action strongly believes that the Constitution, and the public interest in good government, both require that political speech, regardless of the medium, should always be given the highest level of First Amendment protection.   Therefore, it has asked the Court to take this case.

13-1124 – Southeastern Legal Foundation Coalition Amici Brief by CitizensUnited

Morning News for Thursday, March 07, 2013

Washington Examiner – “Officials who claim automatic sequestration spending reductions will slash the federal budget to the bone could have instead heeded suggestions last year from government watchdogs that would have saved more than $67 billion, according to a congressional report released today.”

Washington Times – “In Beltway terms, the Federal Communications Commission’s $350 million budget request for 2013 is practically a rounding error. Yet it costs the American people a lot more than that. In fact, it is the third-most-expensive federal agency, but thanks to a lack of transparency, very few people are aware of that fact.”

Weekly Standard – “With the White House closing its doors to public tour groups in order to save money for the sequester, it’s worth remembering some of the other costs the White House incurs annually. Like the “Chief Calligrapher,” Patricia A. Blair, who has an annual salary of $96,725, and her two deputies, Debra S. Brown, who gets paid $85,953 per year, and Richard T. Muffler, who gets paid $94,372 every year.”