By using a private email system, Secretary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act and regulations regarding records management, and worse, could have left classified and top secret documents vulnerable to cyber attack by improperly removing federal records. This is an egregious violation of the law, yet it appears that because of her political stature, she is escaping the fines and other criminal prosecution that any other federal employee would face for such a violation.

The only reason to use a private email system for official government communication is to keep information from becoming public and covering your tracks. Sec. Clinton should have known that what she was doing violated the letter and spirit of the law. This isn’t a matter of poor judgment; this is a deliberate and orchestrated violation of the public trust that raises serious legal and ethical concerns.

The lengths that Clinton went to conceal her track record as Secretary of State – as she prepared to run for president – should be troubling to every major organization, political leader and individual who has fought for more openness and transparency in Washington since the Clintons were last in the White House. It is now incumbent on the National Archivist and the Attorney General to obtain these documents, and for law enforcement to determine whether any federal crimes occurred.