Yesterday, the House Ways and Means Committee released new documents claiming “IRS Scrutiny of Progressive Groups,” by highlighting the IRS’ attention to ACORN and its successors.

Dan Epstein, Cause of Action’s executive director responded:

Rep. Levin and Rep. Cummings are claiming that the IRS targeted ACORN in the same fashion as pro-liberty groups.  The difference, however, as Cause of Action demonstrated one year ago, is that ACORN and its successors engaged in potentially illegal activity, so of course its successors, such as New York Communities for Change, Texas Organizing Project, and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, should be on the ‘Be on the Lookout’ lists. Two problems exist: First, we see no evidence that the IRS is actually conducting a diligent oversight of rebranded ACORN groups, and secondly there is no evidence that Tea Party groups engaged in illegal activities.

To compare a law-breaking organization like ACORN to True to the Vote is not only illogical, it’s unethical.

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