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“The pro-transparency group Cause of Action is calling on a Treasury Department inspector general to investigate why, according to the group, the Internal Revenue Service is not overseeing lobbying coalitions.

CoA argues that these loose coalitions are spending money on lobbying but because they are not incorporated, they don’t have disclosure requirements or pay taxes. Saying that it wanted to “provide the public with a better understanding of the rules that apply to coalitions and to ensure that lobbying entities are paying taxes and are in compliance with IRS regulations,” CoA wrote the IRS in March asking for documentation showing how the agency monitors tax-exempt organizations’ lobbying ties.

“Cause of Action is concerned about the risk that lobbying coalitions are exercising political influence without paying taxes under the Internal Revenue Code,” CoA wrote in its request for documents. “In order to avoid the disclosure requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act, many organizations are simply not incorporating…”