Coverage of Drake’s Bay Oyster Company continues. More from Point Reyes Light:

An Interior Department watchdog report released earlier this month that was intended to quiet allegations of scientific misconduct in evaluating the noise impacts of Drake’s Bay Oyster Company instead unleashed more cacophony this week.

New information released in the USDA sensitivity training event, the Daily Caller reports:

Additional clips of a United States Department of Agriculture sensitivity training class feature USDA employees being told to recite, “If we work for a federal agency, we’ve discriminated in the past.”

Electric car company Tesla Motors hopes to be profitable this next quarter – something that will help them pay that big DOE green energy loan they borrowed. Read Green Car Reports:

“We expect to be slightly profitable (excluding only non-cash option and warrant-related expenses) in Q1 2013,” it wrote in a letter to shareholders on its financial results just after the stock market closed yesterday afternoon.