Ryan P. Mulvey: Lawsuit against McAuliffe, GreenTech Automotive is long overdue

It was always too good to be true.

Nearly ten years ago, when Terry McAuliffe teamed up with Chinese businessman Charles Wang to start GreenTech Automotive — and hired Hillary Clinton’s brother, Anthony Rodham, to sell the “green energy” car company to foreign investors — the principals made alluring promises to state officials in Virginia and Mississippi.

 In return for millions of dollars in public loans and tax incentives, GreenTech at one time pledged to create upwards of 25,000 jobs. According to the Memorandum of Understanding eventually signed between the company and the Mississippi Development Authority, however, McAuliffe and his cohorts ultimately only promised to invest $60 million in the state and create 350 full-time jobs within three years.

As expected by some — including Cause of Action Institute — even the company’s more modest promises of economic growth fell through. The writing was on the wall as early as May 2016when reports circulated that GreenTech employed only 75 people and had failed to sell a single vehicle.

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